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Disponibilità tesi di laurea magistrale presso l’Envipark di Via Livorno

Pubblicato: Martedì 4 giugno 2024

E’ disponibile una tesi di laurea magistrale presso l’Envipark di Via Livorno.
Per informazioni contattare i docenti: PROF.ENRICA PESSIONE O PROF. ROBERTO MAZZOLI

Master Thesis at IIT-CSFT@Torino Laboratory (Environment Park, Via Livorno 60, 10144 Torino). The proposed project focuses on the characterization of microbial consortia derived from environmental samples, such as terrestrial deep sub-surface substrates, for a more sustainable use of energy sources.
A particular focus will be given to microbial groups such as methanogenic Archaea, utilizing H 2 and CO 2 to produce CH 4 , and sulfate reducing bacteria, responsible for H 2 S production.
Subsurface microbial ecology will be investigated by means of molecular biology and metagenomic techniques for the detection and the analysis of complex microbial ecosystems.
Techniques: Biomolecular techniques for the characterization of microbial consortia, e.g., nucleic acid extraction, PCR, preparation of libraries for NGS, metabarcoding, 16S rRNA gene sequencing, sequencing of functional marker genes, whole genome sequencing, RNA sequencing, predictive functional analyses.

Duration of Thesis: at least 8 months.
Master's thesis beginning: September 2024 onwards.
(Possibility to combine Master's internship with Master's thesis)

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